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    We are People, an "indie rock" band from a horrible state called Florida. Our music is FREE please download it and burn it for all of your friends!




released January 1, 2011



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People Florida


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Track Name: Asshole.
I'm a lot of things and being an asshole is one of them
I want to do bad things and it's your fault

You're not a person to me anymore

We called it the best times of our lives
The bodies that laid on us felt so good

People say we'll all float on but when my father dies he'll be buried in the ground.

When I stop doing the things I do
You'll start doing the things I do
When I stop dismembering myself
You'll tear yourself apart
Track Name: Lines.
I'm the captain of the shipwreck we called our boat.
Even though the ship is sinking I wont go away.

You got better when I left
and I got worse when you came.

Bad thoughts hang around like birds on electric lines.
Track Name: Friends.
It feels good outside after eight or nine.
What shit can we get ourselves into tonight?

I wont tell anyone.
I wont call anyone.

If I wake up, in a different place, in a different time will I be myself?
Track Name: Summer Sheets
I hide the sun under the sheets
and my bad habits are finally going away.
The trust line is getting thinner, like the many lines that are keeping it together.

As these months and summer air die by,
the good things are slowly dying too.

You have goosebumps on your legs.

The golden days and the few good laughs left with me.
So tell all your friends, I called it quits. So tell all your friends, I'm done with it.
Track Name: Talk.
We drink until our limbs are numb,
dropping people and things along the long;long way.

You hear about everyone from everyone
and they all tell the same story.

That's the way it has to be sometimes.

My ship is sinking, you're the tide and you're the storm.

I don't think the same, I dont think
I dont talk the same, I dont think.
I don't talk the same, I don't think the same. So, I'm not the same.